Posted by: dinainsuburbia | September 12, 2008

i miss reading….

I was just thinking, just this moment, about how much I mead reading.  I have always been a “reader”.  When I was in my awkward teen years, and didn’t have many friends, I’d bike over to the local library and just hang for hours either reading or doing research for one report of the other (remember actually doing research at the library by looking at books?????).   I remember how icy cold the library was during the summer.  And the smell of it, too. 

Two weeks ago I joined the Amityville library.  Mostly looking for something to do with Maddie during the day (I’m sooooo not a play-date person) we waited online and got a card (our town puts a photo on the card and is probably more high-tech than some state’s drivers licenses- scary).  The kids section is great- books (duh), kid-only computers, blocks, puzzles.  A fun, make-a-mess, environment. 

I got to thinking, when the heck is the last time I actually took out a library book?  Sad to say, it had to be college (for my undergraduate degree).  When I was in b-school getting my MBA we didn’t need books.  We had articles and studies and they were all accessible via the library website from the comfort of my couch (gotta love wireless surfing).  The only time I went to the library in b-school was to either 1) use up my paper allowance at the printer or 2) use the study rooms to meet up with my group and go over our project du jour.  (As an aside, for those of you that don’t know- business school is all group work).

Once I was “in the working world” I was a Barnes & Noble gal.  I would buy book after book (and with my commute, I had a voracious appetite for the written word- anything to keep my mind off of the guy playing the accordion.  But we live in green times…. buying books is soooo not cool when you can get them from the library!  This is a win-win; anyone who has moved multiple times knows how annoying it is to pack, haul, and unpack books from town to town. 

So… back to missing reading.  Since the blessed event of my daughter’s birth I don’t think I’ve read more than 4 or 5 books, and she’ll be two in October.  Ever since I stopped commuting into NYC I just don’t have the dedicated reading time.  I suppose I could do it when Maddie naps, but that’s when I clean, plan meals, and accomplish other house-wifely duties (sexy).

But, I’ve made a promise to myself. This weekend I am going to the library and I’m going to get me a book to read.  I even went on and made a list of books I’d like to read.  I’m keeping it in my journal (which is on me at all times) so I don’t have to take too long farting around and can get to reading right away.

I’ll let you all know which book I get first!



  1. Know what you mean about the library. I re-discovered it when we moved to Madison. I love our library and the fact that it’s totally automated. I renew and place books on hold entirely on line. But when I go in to pick up the books I ordered, I still peruse the New Fiction rack just in case something pops out at me.

    I like to flip through the NY Times Book Review each week and make lists of books in there I want to read and then order them from the library.

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