Posted by: dinainsuburbia | September 9, 2008

my first Obama post…

So, I’ve been trying to ignore the fact that we are in the middle of a Presidential election…. it isn’t that I don’t want GWB to go.  I SOOOOOO do.. But I just wasn’t in love with the choices.  Obama never really won me over like he’s won over so many.  And McCain… well- I used to LOVE McCain 8 years ago.  But now he’s changed, and I can’t figure out if he’s being real in this election, or if he was being real 8 years ago when he ran against GWB for the party’s nomination.  So I am completely and totally uncomfortable with him. Couple that with his veep choice and I just cannot do it.  There is something completely unsettling about Sarah Palin- maybe it’s because as a mother, I just don’t think she can “do it al”.. and while I applaud her trying to do so, a little bit of my wants to see her stumble.  Lets face it- if she holds it together too well, it will be an even more unattainable goal for working-mothers to try and reach (and try and reach it without any governmental support- no federally mandated paid maternity, etc etc).  I just think the expectation on women to do it all, and do it all perfectly is not fair and not possible.  I, for one, have stopped trying and just concentrate on my daughter.  But this is all besides the point.

So today, as me and Maddie were settling in (me for a cuddle, she for her nap) I happened upon Obama giving a foreign policy speech.  Knowing Obama is criticized for having no foreign policy experience, I was very interested to hear what he had to say.. and you know what?  I was totally sold.  

Seeing Obama outside the glitz and glam of the convention, without a perfectly written, memorized, and charismatic speech, I became endeared to him.  I liked his ideas and what he has to say about moving our war’s front to Afghanistan and Pakistan… this totally makes sense!  I liked how he pointed out and condemned the possible “golden parachutes” the CEOs of Frannie and Freddie may stand to get, on OUR tax dollars.  I think Obama GETS that the income disparity in this country is leading our economy to struggle- the lower & middle classes NEED more money and help!  

So… Obama, you convinced me.. you got my vote.



  1. Yay! Your vote will counteract one of those f*&kwits who swore to vote for McCain simply because Hillary didn’t get the nomination–because voting for someone who’s anti-choice and anti-ERA is SUCH an intelligent way to express your feminism.

    As I said on Kayly’s blog, each and every one of those women should be required to hand over her vadge before entering the voting booth. They have forfeited their right to own such a glorious organ.

    I think if more Americans actually listened to what both candidates have to say about the issues and tuned out all the media hubbub, they’d come to the same realization you did and this election wouldn’t even be close.

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