Posted by: dinainsuburbia | September 3, 2008

What to do in Suburbia at Summer’s end.

Today is September 2nd.  Besides being known as the day before back-to-school, it is also the day that all the town perks I enjoyed since Memorial Day are now shut until the beginning of summer 2009. Even though it was 80+ degrees today, I couldn’t take Maddie swimming because the town pools are closed and the beaches don’t have life guards.


Tonight, John & I took Maddie to the Jones Beach boardwalk to play at the awesome playground they have there.  Just last week it was rife with life: children laughing, parents exacerbated, ice cream cones dripping down chubby fingers (not to mention, the top scoop hitting the ground), sea air blowing hair out of pig tails.  But tonight it was empty.  And I have to say I was a little sad.  Where there were at least 50 kids last week, this night, Maddie was the only kid.  I miss it! Those lazy summer nights where everyone can stay up a little later and play a little bit more… it reminds me of my own youthful summer nights I guess.  


So- now that the beach & town pool are out… I FINALLY got out and got me a library card! I can’t believe I haven’t had a library card since college… shocking.  I used to spend so much time in the library, and I must admit I do miss reading for pleasure (something more than junky magazines expounding on such topics as Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo’s compatibility, etc etc).  When we moved  to the new place, I promised myself that I would stop buying books because it’s just too annoying to schlep them and they certainly aren’t big sellers at a yard sale.  Our town library has tons of great programs (decoupage trivet making anyone?).. and an excellent children’s area with not only books, but puzzles, blocks, games, and children-only computers too! Maddie had such a time puttering around, ripping apart the bookshelves and causing the librarians to bite their lips (just kidding, she wasn’t that bad).


Maybe I can instill in Maddie my own love of books, reading and learning- or at least that’s what the plan is.


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