Posted by: dinainsuburbia | August 31, 2008

Kid birthday anxiety

My daughter Madeline will be turning 2 in about 2 months (October 28th to be exact).  Do normal moms start obsessing about their kids birthday party this far in advance?  It’s like God forbid I pick the wrong theme, entertainment, or food my kid will be scarred for life, needing endless hours of therapy because I did wrong.  And of course, in these instances, the mom gets ALL the blame, right?


Couple this anxiety with the fact that my very good friend Samantha (I hope you are reading this Samantha) throws the BEST birthday parties for her children.  Seriously, I don’t know why she just doesn’t start a side business throwing parties for rich-kids.  Let me explain- I think it was for her sons party that she basically created a big top tent inside her house.  She rigged it with different colored plastic tablecloths and a staple gun.  I am not making this up- but I would have never, ever thought to do that.


I know I’m crafty and creative in my own right- but not that creative…..


So, getting back to the whole birthday party… what to do?  Last year, for her first, we had a bouncy castle, a clown, a cookie monster, and a cotton candy machine.  This year I wanted to have a petting zoo- but the problem is in late October you just never know what type of weather you are going to get.  Plus, we’re having the party at my mom’s house and I’m not sure she would be happy with barn animals pooping in her yard (although by all accounts I’ve heard that the company you hire takes the poop with them).


At first I was going to do a Dora theme… but then that annoyed me too much.  Then I was going to do Backyardigans (which is still a contender).  But what type of entertainment…. do I stick with the tried and true non scary clown?  Do I get a character?  Another jumpy castle?  And- what about food?  Last year I had it catered… nothing big- but I also got help.  Do I cater again this year?  Do I make the food myself?  Do I have to get gourmet?  


Too many questions to be answered- and this is what I think about before I go to bed at night, which isn’t exactly helping out in the romance department with my husband (no, i’m not in the mood, I’m thinking about pinatas- ha ha).



  1. you are CRAZY! keep in mind that maddie won’t remember a damn thing about her birthday until she’s like 4 or 5. she’ll see pictures and that’s how she’ll know what you did. this is why we do family bbqs for peanut’s birthday. just relax. it’s a kids’ party. as long as maddie is occupied and having fun then it’s a successful birthday party. get creative when she’s older and will remember it.

  2. Dina you big dork. The tent was for Sabrina’s 4th birthday (which I hope she will remember – but if not I took lots of pictures and will be sure to remind her how I climbed a ladder in wedge heels to reach the ceiling to make her a princess tent for her birthday party!) The way Maddie loves that damn shopping cart I think you should have a super market sweep birthday party and let her go wild! Thanks for the sweet comps – I just love birthday’s so its as much fun for me as the kids. Let me know if I can help – happy to do so for that cutie pie. xoxo

  3. I totally agree w/ Cathy. She’s too young to remember OR appreciate all the effort. How did she handle her first b-day party? Was she really old enough to participate and enjoy it? Or was she overwhelmed?

    Why not go low key this year? There’s no rule that says you have to top the previous year every single year. Don’t buy into the hype. Save the big bucks and big ideas for when she’s older and doesn’t have to take a nap halfway through the festivities.

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