Posted by: dinainsuburbia | August 20, 2008

when travel is planned, someone is bound to get sick, right?

It’s a cardinal rule, isn’t it?  When a trip is planned- someone is the family is bound to get sick.  Of course, when it was just me and my husband, it didn’t seem like THAT big a deal (well, probably not a big deal to him, because it was usually I that came down with some unsavory illness like pink eye, bronchitis, eh hem.. female issues, etc etc).

But now that we have a child, there is the whole new dimension.. because you do NOT want to take a sick kid on a plane.  You don’t want to take a sick kid ANYWHERE for that matter.  

We’ve been doing great all summer; people around us getting colds left and right.. but the Shingletons? We’ve remained unscathed.  Up until now.  Of COURSE Maddie had to start the sniffles last night.  By now it’s a full-scale cold and I can only pray to god that this cold won’t take the usual course and head straight for her ears do not pass go!

I feel so terrible for Maddie when she can’t breathe- my poor girl still is on the pacifier you see.  I know, she’s almost at 2- but it is only at night and we’ve been cutting down her pacifier time slowly but surely.  Of course, when she’s stuffy she can’t breathe from her mouth and savor the bink at the same time.  This causes a terrible cycle of crying for the pacifier, and then crying because she can’t use it the right way. 

Right now she’s sleeping propped up on the couch.  I don’t know why she will sleep propped up on the couch, but not in her bed.. This might mean I too am couching it tonight.  Great.

I guess the worse thing that will happen is that we don’t go to Florida… but, with the way Fay is going- we probably will be delayed anyway since last I heard the storm was going to pass Orlando on Thursday- which is when and where we’d be hitting it!  This trip has been doomed from the start.  Drats.


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