Posted by: dinainsuburbia | February 6, 2012

Monday, Monday

Mondays are always a little hectic over here.  Time to get back to school, back on schedule, etc etc.  I’ll admit that we are not “schedule” people, and I will further admit that I am not sure this lack-of-schedule even really “works” for us.  Chalk it up to my husband and I being slightly too lazy to get ON a schedule and maybe being a little bit selfish because we really like to fly by the seat of our pants.

Yes, this repeatedly bites us in the rear end:  missed naps, late night dance parties with kids that don’t want to sleep, early AM rush-arounds getting outfits picked and lunches made.  But, for the most part we cope with minimal yelling and gnashing of teeth (MOSTLY).

As I sit here and watch my son slug down a sippy cup of chocolate milk while worshiping at the alter of the MIckey Mouse Clubhouse, I think about how absolutely FLEETING this all is.  My husband and i just celebrating our 9th wedding anniversary (with dating, we’ve been together 11 years).  Now, I know there are people in my social circle that have been together the same or longer, but it seems to have gone by SO FAST, and yet went I contemplate the past 11 years, so much has happened.

But now I am THAT mom- the ever-present PTA presence, probably much to the chagrin of school staff.  This past weekend I found myself buying our oldest “specialty” outfits from Target for each holiday (hot damn they had the CUTEST St. Patrick’s Day Hello Kitty T-Shirt).  Just 11 years ago, I had no idea that parented required the purchase of t-shirts for each holiday, major & minor.  

Well, time to get going- there are menus to plan for the week!  Any good ideas?  So sick of the same old.

Posted by: dinainsuburbia | January 15, 2012

The fugly fives?

We’ve all heard of the terrible twos, right?  I’m actually going through them right now with Joel. Full-blown tantrums, rolling on the floor, gnashing of teeth, you name it.  As bad as it seems in the midst of these tantrums, I would take one ANY day over the mouth my five year old has developed.

Hence, the new age group term I’ve coined.. fugly fives.  Madeline has quite the sassy mouth.  And that’s putting it nicely.  From the actual words she uses, to the tone, I oftentimes think I am verbally sparring with a 15 year old instead of a five year old.

I’ve tried reasoning with her; explaining that no one wants to be friends with or talk to someone that is nasty to them.  No change.  I’ve yelled at her.  No change.  I’ve threatened consequence.  No change.  

The bottom line? It’s coming full circle.  I know I gave it to my mother pretty good. This is just the universe’s way of coming around!  Funny enough, last week my daughter told my mother, “I don’t want to go home with mommy I’m scared of her.”  You might find this horrific, but I CLEARLY remember telling my own grandmother, “I don’t want to go home with mommy she’s mean to me!”  Was she mean? Of course not!  But.. she did keep me in line (or try to do so).

As my mother has said, if your kid doesn’t tell you they hate you, that probably means you aren’t doing your job! 

Posted by: dinainsuburbia | January 9, 2012

Holy Smokes, it’s been a long, long time!

Wow, I can’t believe how long I have neglected my blog!  It isn’t for lack of something interesting to say for sure.. I suppose I’ve been head-down in being a mom and being a business owner!  I was thinking I would do a recap of the months since I haven’t blogged, but that is a cheap excuse for a blog entry.  I could also make all these promises and resolutions- but we all know what happens with THOSE!  

I’d like to talk about how increasingly difficult it has become mothering a 5 year old daughter.  Maybe it is because she is in Kindergarten now but she has become increasingly sassy.  In the past, she only “gave it” to me; but here lately, she’s even sticking it to her father!

I think I have to start a “good behavior” chart.  We’ve all read how “positive reinforcement” works.  So, if she does what she is suppose to do, she’ll get a sticker.   Once she gets enough stickers, she’ll get a fun experience or gift- extra park time, special one-on-one time, etc.

So, that’s what I am working on now!  Does anyone have any GREAT experiences working with good behavior charts?  Any tips?

Posted by: dinainsuburbia | March 5, 2011


It has finally happened.  Our house has become overrun with children and there is nothing my husband or I can do about it!   The little buggers’ toys are EVERYWHERE.  Every night we run damage control after they go to sleep so we have a space to walk.  You never, EVER want to step on some of these small toy parts.  Ever step on a piece of fake sushi barefoot?  It SUCKS!

I don’t even want to mention what’s been going on at bed time.  It’s become musical beds.  And I KNOW the answer is just letting them all “cry it out” but it is easier said than done- especially with two.  We tried to let the little guy go at it in his crib the other night, but then he got so hysterical he woke up his sister… and then she started in, and well, who the HELL has that type of fortitude at 2am.  Not me, not my husband.

Maybe the answer is we just have to do a few shots of scotch before bedtime, but on some ear muffs, and hope for the best?  Seriously, thought- we are screwed.  My husband just came behind me and rubbed my shoulders and I thought- oh yeah, that’s right- I have a husband- not just a partner-in-crime that helps me deal with the two rug rats.

From morning to night it is a series of complaints from the four-year-old Tyrant.  It goes something like this:

“mom, Joel moved my kitchen!”

“mom, Joel is touching my tent!” (by the way, yeah thanks Aunt Samantha for the giant Princess tent that at times takes up our entire living room area).

“mom, Joel is breathing”

Well, you get the point…

Then from the little guy something like this:

“eeeehhhhh wah wah wah argh” at the top of his lungs.

Not pretty.

And really, I do feel bad because seriously Maddie should be able to play by herself without her lil’brother getting in the middle of everything.. but I’m not sure what to do here.  What is parenting protocol?  Do I tell her to deal?  That he’s gonna muck it all up?  ‘Cause you know- what big sister is doing- brother wants to do, too.

And did I mention, when he wants something he yells?  He yells his crazy babble… it’s hysterical.  He doesn’t know how to talk, but he knows how to accomplish the emotion behind it!

Posted by: dinainsuburbia | February 16, 2011

Nard Box

Wow- I can’t believe it’ has been so long since I’ve written!  Between children, house, and jobs… suffice to say I’m pulled in a gazillion directions!

So this morning Maddie asks me, “mom, what’s a Nard Box?”  Nard Box?  I said Maddie, I don’t know what that is!  She said, you know mom- the animal that lives in the little shell,  a Nard Box?  I said oh an Aardvark?  How funny is that?  By the way did YOU know Aardvark has two “a’s?”  I had no idea!

See- thanks to my four year old, I now know how to spell Aardvark!


Posted by: dinainsuburbia | January 7, 2011

weekend update…

It’s snowing today- so I feel slightly more justified in leaving my Christmas tree header up for a few more days.  I WILL get around to putting something up.

This weekend we have a lot going on.  I have to work at my store, Darlings & Divas tomorrow and we have  a birthday party from 2-4.  Saturday night we’re meeting good friends for dinner; we weren’t able to go to their wedding so we’re taking them out!  We’ll be checking out Perfect Mundo in Commack.  It was recently named by Newsday to be one of the top 10 restaurants of 2010 and received a three-star review.  I’ll be sure to post MY review next week!  Even if the food is so-so, I’m totally looking forward to hanging with my friends and having some sangria.. YUM!

Tonight, as long as the snow isn’t THAT bad, I’ll be meeting my step sister (or NB- “non-biological”) for drinks and sushi at Aji 53 in Bayshore.  I really like Aji 53.  From all the sushi I’ve had on Long Island, it’s the closest to Nobu quality I’ve found (and boy, do I like Nobu- for my 35 birthday husband and I spent $350 on dinner for two there… yes, you read correctly- $350.00!!!).

Sunday is the day I’m super excited about- I got two tickets to Disney Princesses on ice for Maddie.  She has no idea I’m taking her!  I’m so excited- she’s going to have so much fun!

So, what are your plans for the weekend?

Posted by: dinainsuburbia | January 5, 2011

tea baggers

I really don’t want to jump on the political bandwagon.. it’s so exhausting.  This country has a serious case of Multiple Personality Disorder.. deficit-hawks were voted in to Congress and have their eyes set on slashing the budget.  I am actually sitting back with a smirk on my face to see how this turns out.

The American public LOVES their entitlement programs- Social Security and Medicare.  They also love the funding they get from the Feds that flows into their states:  money for schools, roads, “earmark” projects that are labeled “wasteful” at the Federal level but are oftentimes very useful at the local level. I am wondering, beyond dismantling “ObamaCare”, which won’t SAVE any money out of the Federal budget, what the Tea Baggers are going to do?

Whatever they slash- people are going to be really ticked off… they TALK the talk… but when it comes down to losing government programs they consider “vital”.. well, lets see what happens!

I have the tendency to get really crazy and uptight about this stuff- it actually can bring me to tears because I just don’t understand people…. I can’t figure out if they don’t like “ObamaCare”.. what the alternative is?  Just because they are the lucky-few to have excellent employer-sponsored health care NOW doesn’t mean it always will be the case.  They can get fired or let go.. or, more likely, the Company they work for, faced with rising health care costs, will switch to a high-deductible plan.

I’m taking the attitude that whatever DOES happen.. well, as a country, we’ll be OK- because this type of thinking sort of cycles around..

well.. I hope.

Posted by: dinainsuburbia | January 1, 2011

Year in Review

I feel obliged to write a review of 2010.  General consensus was that 2010 was one bitch of a year.  So many negative things happened to people in my life- friends and family.  I lost both my grandfathers in 2010 and a well-loved step grandfather.  I feel the loss of my maternal grandfather daily- a sadness and ache that grips my heart quickly causing me to almost gasp.. and then as quickly as it came, it leaves- its only evidence is a slight moisture in my eyes.

So, how do I measure the quality of the year 2010 that I lived, faced with so much sadness?  If I were to be able to sit down and talk to my grandfather right now, I think I’d tell him that, even though there was so much sadness, that 2010 was a happy year.  I started the year with an absolutely adorable little boy in my arms, and ended the year the same way.

I made many new friends- great friends!  I count myself lucky to actually be able to make new, great friends at 35 years old!

We took a few great vacations and day trips- and were lucky enough to take Madeline and Joel on their first visit to Disney World.

I opened a new business that, I think, is the culmination of a life-long dream!

Maddie started pre-K and is getting to be such a “big girl” and sophisticated!

Joel’s walking!

Many of my friends added to their own families with adorable babies- Annabel & Penny immediately come to mind- and some babies are still in the oven and will certainly bring lots of joy in 2011!

I have a feeling that 2011 is going to be so much better than 2010- and if the joys of 2010 is any indication of what is to come, I’m super excited to see what 2011 has in store.


Posted by: dinainsuburbia | December 20, 2010


Five days ’til Christmas and I wonder.. why do I do this to myself?  Why do I overload myself with social engagements, Christmas activities, and other ‘traditions” that leave me short of time and patience?

Five days ’til the big day and I still have so much to do:  shopping, wrapping, baking… and I wonder why all of this HAS to be done?  Why do we have to buy presents for every person we ever said “hello” to?  Why do we have to over indulge our children with presents they probably wont’ play with for more than 5 minutes anyway?

In the middle of all of this I have 2 sick kids.. and I think, all I really want to do is leisurely bake a dozen or two cookies with my daughter instead of feeling obligated to bake 16 dozen for my husband’s co-workers- packaged and bowed!

Between working six days a week, and dealing with all of these obligations, my patience is worn down to an all time low.  I feel horrible and mean-spirited when I snap at my children and my mother so lovingly told me that I’m, “going down in a ball of flames” (thanks for the vote of confidence… sheesh).

I wonder, when did it happen that I felt the need to be perfection for everyone.. and at what point did I lose myself and my own sense of happiness in the process?  In general, I feel like a happy person, but then I become ridiculously overwhelmed by the ever-growing lists of things to be accomplished and I wonder- why do I even NEED to accomplish all this “stuff”?  Can I just be the type of person (mother/wife) that does NONE of it?  Like the people me and my family make fun of because they do none of it?  But THEY seem a lot more better off right now than I!!!

Has anyone out there cut down on the “stuff” in an attempt to find themselves and make themselves happier (and heck, sane?)…

I have two options- I need to lower everyone’s expectations of me or I’m going to have to medicate myself to get through it all… which way to go?


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happy fire-versary to me!

This past week was my third anniversary of getting the boot from my old job!  Three years later I want to say THANK YOU for canning me!  Everything certainly DOES happen for a reason and I look at my life now and think of all the things I wouldn’t have and wouldn’t be able to do if I were still employed at my old job.

I most certainly would not have gotten pregnant with Joel because I am sure I wouldn’t have the time off and understanding to undergo all the medical testing and treatments, all of which took countless hours.

I know I wouldn’t have my current business, Darlings & Divas.  I wouldn’t have had the time or energy to cultivate it, and I probably wouldn’t have even known when the opportunity presented itself.

When I was fired I felt betrayed, sad and hurt.  I had just celebrated my fifth anniversary with my employer and I wasn’t even given a severance when I was let go because I refused to sign a bogus separation agreement.  It was a pretty scary time, but it gave me the fortitude to look for opportunities that would allow me to spend time with my family and have a harmonious balance between work and home.

Sure, now that I’m doing my own thing, I feel like I NEVER stop.. but you know what?  I’m doing it with my husband and kids at my side.  Even though it’s hard, I wouldn’t trade it for the WORLD!

To all you unemployed out there, I know it’s so scary- but keep your chin up and know that everything does, in fact, happen for the reason.  The universe, God, higher power, or whatever you call it, knows where you are supposed to be and what you are supposed to be doing even if you don’t!  Have faith that it will all come together, because it will!

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